Tra Assisi e Loreto, dove la natura è salute, il vino è gioia, l'arte è meraviglia


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"The break will be for you, not hibernation, but the preparation of new energies and thoughts"




Located in the green Esino’s plain, at the foot of Mount Gemmo, a stone's throw from the ancient town of Matelica (MC), the farmhouse was originally a traditional ranch with an adjacent barn, nowadays converted into a restaurant.


The facility is surrounded by a wide park and biological fields. The facility is completed by an ample farmyard where during spring and summer dinners are served, and a lovely loggia for joyful barbecues. The agritourism has a very convenient access from the street and a wide free parking lot.


Casa Deimar offers his facility with simplicity and sobriety, ensuring that the guests feel comfortable in a warm and domestic atmosphere



The agritourism participate in the Marche Region quality’s disciplinary offering special services for guests interested in trekking, local culture, art, food and wine.


Guests can use trekking equipment, naturalistic guides, information on tracks and paths. It is also available a weekly calendar of local events, touristic guides, free booking service for museum, theaters, and private tours.



Overlooking the farmyard and in the shadow of the threes, there is the “Giandrina” restaurant, where our friends Gianni and Sandrina prepare delicious dishes, with creativity and love for traditions.


The restaurant that originally was a barn still keeps the traits of a simple but elegant rurality. Tables are distributed on two floors, which allows to have a higher intimacy. During summer nights the restaurant serves his dishes outside, on the ancient farmyard.


Agritourism guests can take advantage of a special treatment in services and prices.

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(+39) 3357265070 / 3382110151