Tra Assisi e Loreto, dove la natura è salute, il vino è gioia, l'arte è meraviglia


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"The real luxury is to take your time"


Casa Deimar offers special touristic services for guests that love biking and trekking, or those interested in cultural and spiritual niche places

Sport and Nature


Guests can use trekking equipment, naturalistic guides, info on tracks and paths.


On demand it is also possible to arrange horseback riding excursions , archery lessons, weaving mills lessons with ancient looms, embroidery and mosaic lessons.

Culture and Spirituality


It is also available a weekly calendar of local events and turistic guides (English version is available too).


Free booking service for museum and theaters. It is also possible to arrange for free tours in private areas and historical sites that are usually closed to public.

Tansfer Services


For a minimum 3 nights stay, on demand (max two people), free pick up service at the Fabriano train station.


It is possible to arramge a shuttle service both for Fabriano train station and Falconara (Ancona) airport.

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(+39) 3357265070 / 3382110151